hire me !!!!!!!!

first of all, hi & nice to meet you! secondly, if you are reading this, i assume you are, in fact, thinking about hiring me for a freelance job. to make it easier on you, i’ve made a page that is a combination portfolio / resume / bio so you can quickly get a sense of who i am and what i do.

if we seem like a good match, please inquire within at basiakurlender(at)gmail(dot)com.

i am:

  • a graphic designer / art director / illustrator / sign painter / prop fabricator / rug tufter / chainstitch embroiderer / & more (depending on the day)

  • lots of fun at parties

  • down 4 anything!! + especially collaborations with diy bands / small studios / local businesses 🍎

professional life at a glance

  • BFA in Communications Design (Pratt ‘19) -> graduated w/ highest honors & a minor in Art History ☝︎

  • past full time positions: Momofuku & Noble Signs. in undergrad, i interned for Tandem, the Brooklyn Book Festival, & CMYK.

  • since February of 2020 (i know), i have been a full time freelancer :-)

  • have worked ☑︎ in house, ☑︎ at agencies, & ☑︎ freelance

select clients

agencies & studios:
BUCK  ·  Wieden + Kennedy  ·  Red Antler  ·  CONTINO  ·  Ologie  ·  Burn&Broad  ·  Article Group  ·  Farewell  ·  Funeral  ·  Marine Lane  ·  Something Special Studios  ·  Work-Order

brands, businesses, etc:
McDonald’s  ·  Venmo  ·  Nike Kids  ·  Box  ·  UBS  ·  Nasdaq  ·  Brooklyn Book Festival  ·  The Juilliard School  ·  Iowa State University  ·  Luna Park  ·  New York International Children’s Film Festival  ·  Select Aperitivo  ·  Food IQ (Daniel Holzman & Matt Rodbard)  ·  Nobell Foods  ·  Medidata  ·  Baby’s All Right

twenty (20) things i can do or make for you, alphabetized for your convenience:

1. art direction
2. album art
3. book layout
4. branding
5. chain stitch embroidery
6. deck layout
7. editorial illustration
8. illustrated type
9. illustration
10. logos (one or more)
11. machine embroidery
12. motion graphics
13. patches
14. merch
15. menus
16. rugs (hand-tufted)
17. show flyers
18. sign painting
19. skate decks
20. strategy

three (3) things i do for myself:

COLD EMAIL is a podcast about navigating an early creative career & the non-linear path of “professional development.” (p.s. always looking for new people to talk to -- if interested, please send a note to coldemail1000 @ gmail . com).

Fool’s Errand, which is where i sell goods that i (mostly) hand-make, including hand-tufted rugs, hand-cranked chainstitch patches, bumper stickers, prints, pins, drawings, t-shirts, etc.

marbling is my band! i don’t do it for any reason other than to have fun. usually it includes recording 300 voice memos per year and playing shows with friends every 3-6 months.

other misc. skills:

  • mural pre-production
  • risograph
  • having a good time
  • audio stuff like xlr cables
  • delivering soup to my cousins
  • strategy
  • after effects
  • navigating the new york art book fair semi-successfully
  • photo editing
  • ranking new york’s best gluten free slice
  • almost always good for a “that’s crazy!”
  • machine embroidery
  • writing songs under 1 minute long
  • shoveling snow
  • booking a well-attended diy show
  • booking a sparsely-attended diy show
  • file organization
  • cutting my own hair really late at night
  • sometimes finding cool stuff on the sidewalk
  • ordering quickly at diners
  • securing & eating the pickle that came with your sandwich

<3 any inquires: plz email basiakurlender(at)gmail(dot)com <3 

P.S. i love offbeat projects and am ready & more than willing to take on the wacky stuff............

& thanks for reading!


hire me