hire me < 3 : )

first of all, hi & nice to meet you. secondly, if you are reading this, i assume you are, in fact, thinking about hiring me for a freelance job. to make it easier on you, i’ve made a page that is a combination portfolio-resume-bio so you can quickly get a sense of who i am and what i do.

if we seem like a match, please inquire within at basiakurlender(at)gmail(dot)com.

i am:

  • a graphic designer / art director / illustrator / sign painter / rug tufter / chain stitcher / & more (depending on the day)
  • lots of fun at parties
  • down 4 anything but especially luv designing for restaurants + anything in the food / hospitality world  🍎

professional life at a glance

  • BFA in communications design (Pratt ‘19) -> graduated w/ highest honors ☝︎
  • past full time positions: Momofuku & Noble Signs. in undergrad i interned for Tandem, the Brooklyn Book Festival, & CMYK.
  • since february of 2020 (i know), i have been a full time freelancer ︎
  • have worked ☑︎ in house, ☑︎ at agencies, & ☑︎ freelance

select clients

✳︎  Baby’s All Right  ✳︎  Block Party  ✳︎    Box  ✳︎  Brooklyn Book Festival  ✳︎  Finale  ✳︎  Food IQ (Daniel Holzman & Matt Rodbard)  ✳︎  Marine Lane  ✳︎  McDonald’s  ✳︎  Momofuku  ✳︎  Noble Signs  ✳︎  New York International Children’s Film Festival  ✳︎  Select Aperitivo  ✳︎  Something Special Studios  ✳︎  Tandem  ✳︎  Wax 9 Records  ✳︎  Wieden+Kennedy  ✳︎

some things i can do for you:

art direction
album art
book layout
chain stitching
deck layout

editorial illustrations
illustrated type
motion graphics

rug tufting
show flyers

sign painting
skate decks

some things i do for me:

COLD EMAIL is a podcast about navigating an early creative career & the non-linear path of “professional development.”

*  *  *  COLD-EMAIL.TUMBLR.COM  *  *  *

Fool’s Errand is where I sell goods -- hand-tufted rugs, hand-cranked chainstitching, bumper stickers, prints, pins, t-shirts, & more!


other misc. skills:

  • mural pre-production
  • risograph
  • having a good time
  • audio stuff like xlr cables
  • delivering soup to my cousins
  • copywriting
  • after effects
  • navigating the new york art book fair semi-successfully
  • photo editing
  • ranking new york’s best gluten free slice
  • almost always good for a “that’s crazy!”
  • machine embroidery
  • writing songs under 1 minute long
  • shoveling snow
  • booking a well-attended diy show
  • booking a sparsely-attended diy show
  • file organization
  • cutting my own hair really late at night
  • filling up a day on google calendar
  • ordering quickly at diners
  • securing & eating the pickle that came with your sandwich

<3 plz email basiakurlender(at)gmail(dot)com if you think we’re a good match <3 

P.S. i love weird projects and am ready & more than willing to take on the wacky stuff...
& thanks for reading!


hire me