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first of all, hi & nice to meet you. secondly, if you are reading this, i assume you are, in fact, thinking about hiring me for a freelance job. to make it easier on you, i’ve made a page that is a combination portfolio-resume-bio so you can quickly get a sense of who i am and what i do. if we seem like a match, please reach out to basiakurlender(at)gmail(dot)com.

about me:

basia kurlender is a graphic designer, an illustrator, a sign painter, a lifelong new yorker, a friend to dogs, an aquarius, a rug tufter, a successful matchmaker, a pratt grad, a loyal craigslist missed connections reader, and also a lot of other things.

professional life at a glance:

  • bfa in communications design (pratt ‘19) -> graduated w/ highest honors ☝︎
  • past full time positions: momofuku & noble signs
  • in undergrad i interned for tandem, brooklyn book festival, & cmyk
  • luv designing for restaurants + anything in the food / hospitality world  🍎
  • have worked ☑︎ in house, ☑︎ at agencies, & ☑︎ freelance

“creating visual identities” for & with:

momofuku   🍑   wieden+kennedy   🔖    mcdonald’s   🍔   select aperitivo   🍻   baby’s all right   🎸   noble signs   ✏️    milkweed provisions   🌿   new york international childrens’ film festival   🎥    prattonia   📓   cosmic systems   💫   food iq (daniel holzman of meatball shop & matt rodbard of TASTE)   🍝   marine lane   🖼   canned food cookbook (anna hezel of TASTE)   🍲   & many more... 

! ! ! feel free to reach out about a branding portfolio ! ! !

i graduated from pratt in 2019 a bfa in communications design & with highest honors.
while in undergrad, i wrote/designed four (4) thesis projects & booked a lot of shows.

i make a lot of work for myself pretty much all the time

when i am trying to be formal i will call it something like “having an abundant personal practice.”

other misc. skills include:

  • risograph
  • audio stuff like xlr cables
  • navigating new york art book fair
  • having a good time
  • after effects
  • murals (painting & pre-production)
  • hand-lettering & sign painting
  • presenting work in front of people
  • shoveling snow
  • machine embroidery
  • ordering quickly at diners
  • analog & machine rug tufting
  • writing cover letters like poems
  • writing poems like cover letters
  • securing & eating the pickle that came with your sandwich

<3 so, plz email basiakurlender(at)gmail(dot)com if you think we’re a good match <3

& thanks for reading!

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