Bunny Mugs 🥕 ☕️

client: Box
item: a set of hand-painted, bunny-themed mugs for an internal company video
medium: acrylic on ceramic

“SOMEONE THINKS YOU’RE HOT” 🌶 😍 💋 💌 ❤️ ❣️ 💘 ♥️

client: hotsingles.nyc
project: two hand-painted signs for candygram deliverers to display while yelling “SOMEONE THINKS YOU’RE HOT!”
medium: acrylic on chipboard

Website Announcement Cake  🍰 🎂 📣 📢 🔈

client: Something Special Studios
project: a custom birthday cake for SSS’s website URL announcement image
medium: sugar letters & sprinkles on vanilla supermarket sheet cake

Banking “Protest” Signs   🏦 💳 ✍️ 💵 💰

client: UBS 
item: three hand-painted signs (referencing hastily-scribbled “protest signs”) for a banking commercial
medium: acrylic paint on posterboard

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