All Men Are Friends

“All Men Are Friends” is an exploration of the kinship of masculinity via Bro culture. In this project, a bro is defined as a cisgender, heterosexual, white man who, through elements of subculture, identifies with a larger group of men that all share the same identity. The title of this thesis, “All Men Are Friends,” touches on the fundamental sameness of shared culture between Bros. The specific subset of Bro subculture is irrelevant; skater Bros, jock Bros, frat Bros, party Bros, art Bros, dumb Bros, smart Bros, woke Bros, fake woke Bros, etc., all have in common a systematic set of rules for shared visual culture and behavioral norms. Maintaining a tight group, excluding non-men (and frequently, people of color), objectifying women, aggression, asserting hyper masculinity, and perpetuating toxic masculinity are all axioms of Bro culture that are performed in attempts to maintain existing power structures of patriarchal domination.

* A.M.A.F was presented in AIGA NY’s Education Warmup Series & was also featured on the AIGA NY instagram *

1. Icing Book

2. Bro Poetry Chapbook

7. Becoming A Bro: Publication

9. Process Book

10. (extra) Acrylic Hands

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